Idaho Eyelid & Facial Palstic Surgery

Obagi Products

Primarily we are surgeons. Idaho Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgery focuses on both functional repairs as well as elective cosmetic surgeries in Boise, Idaho. Regardless of the type of procedure, we want our patients to do their best to protect their investment and maintain results. Patients can achieve this through best skincare practices. Our top tips are provided below:

  • Clean/hydrate: Remove impurities AND hydrate skin by using a moisturizer to maintain optimal hydration levels and a healthy glow. We carry the two best skincare lines, Epionce and Obagi Meidcal. Epionce provides gentle, botanically-based products focused on skin barrier health while Obagi Medical offers products formulated to protect and enhance the texture and tone of skin. While hydrating with creams is important, it is equally important to drink plenty of water to hydrate both your body and skin.
  • Protect: Protect your skin against harmful ultra violet rays by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day to prevent sun damage and premature aging. Aside from injectables, SPF is one of the only true methods of wrinkle prevention. Make sure you apply sunscreen even on cloudy days as rays can still penetrate clouds. Epionce and Obagi Medical both have SPF products, and recommend them to protect your face.
  • Care: Take care of your skin by establishing a consistent skincare routine. Good skin takes time and energy and steady application makes a difference. Avoid sun exposure, wear visors/hats, and love the shady spots in and around Boise, Idaho. After all, we are located in the City of Trees. 😉
  • Invest: Turn back the hands of time. Most of our patients want to look as good as they feel… a consultation at our office can provide you both surgical and non-surgical natural looking options.