At Idaho Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery in Boise, Idaho, Mark Boerner M.D. and Chad Jackson M.D. perform all cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid and facial surgeries. As a team, we focus on providing a comprehensive approach to achieve natural results. Before you decide on a surgeon, make sure you do the homework. Below are some tips to achieve top surgical outcomes at our office and beyond.

Idaho Eyelid & Facial Palstic Surgery

  • Seek out a Board-Certified Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon in Boise, Idaho. Ask people you know in your community for referrals. Go with top experience, go with the best.
  • Ask About Frequency of Procedures. How many times has the surgeon performed the procedure you’re interested in? Again, experience matters. Get comfortable with your surgeon and ask lots of questions. Arrive at a place of confidence in your choice before surgery day.
  • Read Patient Reviews in Boise, Idaho. Reviews are important and provide the best way to assess any business. While our surgeon’s skills are critical to our practice, so are the surgery schedulers, the medical assistants, and the medical administrators you first see when you walk in the door. The entire team impacts your experience.
  • Look at Before/After Photos. Our before/after photos are in binders in each exam room, on our website, and all social media platforms. Such images should be easy to access at any plastic surgeon’s office.
  • Investigate Complications. What are the typical complications and how they are addressed? All surgeries involve some risk. Learn what your provider will do to mitigate risk. Our medical assistants are experienced and knowledgeable, and understand healthy healing. If there’s any question, the surgeon is consulted and helps get you back on track.
  • Set realistic expectations. The decision to have surgery can be personal. It may improve your vision, but may also give you greater self-confidence, or add to your sense of well-being. It will not fix personal problems. Make sure you set realistic expectations of your surgeon but also of yourself.