Upper Blepharoplasty FAQ

We have assembled some upper blepharoplasty frequently asked questions for patients who are interested in improving their vision and/or rejuvenating the appearance of their eyes. Upper blepharoplasty can involve surgical changes to the skin, muscle tissue, and fat of the upper eyelid.

  • Will Upper Blepharoplasty Eliminate Wrinkles?

    While the surgery is not intended to address facial wrinkles around the eyes, it will eliminate excess fat and skin resulting in droopy lids. It can result in a brighter appearance and oftentimes improves vision (as the heavy lids are no longer obstructing vision), but you will need to undergo other procedures to reduce facial wrinkles.
  • Do I Need Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery for Both Eyes?

    Doing an upper lid blepharoplasty on one eye is rare; however, not every patient requires upper blepharoplasty for both upper eyelids. This will be determined during your consultation based on your needs and goals.
  • What Is the Ideal Age to Have Upper Eyelid Surgery?

    It is possible to have the surgery anytime. Many patients around 40 years old are ideal for the procedure due to the effects of aging. Some younger patients with congenital heavy lids opt to have blepharoplasties at a younger age (20s and 30s).
  • Who Should Not Have Upper Blepharoplasty?

    Patients who have serious medical conditions may not be ideal candidates for upper eyelid surgery. Conditions that are considered include hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, dry eyes, tear duct problems, a detached retina, and glaucoma. Patients who are prone to keloids or serious scarring may also need to avoid this procedure.

  • Do I Need Any Preparation Before My Upper Eyelid Lift?

    Yes. You will need to stop taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) two weeks before surgery. You need to arrange in advance for someone to drive you home after the surgery. Additionally, you must avoid smoking and drinking as directed.
  • What Happens During Upper Blepharoplasty?

    The surgeon will determine the margins of tissue that need to be removed through careful measurement. He will then laser the top layer of skin and remove tissue as needed.
  • Is Upper Eyelid Surgery Painful?

    We typically administer a local numbing agent and provide benzodiazepine to reduce anxiety so patients can relax during their procedure. Patients should not feel pain during surgery. After surgery, the patient may experience swelling, bruising, and minor pain during recovery, which can be minimized with the help of pain medicine as prescribed.
  • How Long Is Upper Eyelid Lift Recovery?

    The patient can get back to normal activities after two to three weeks (no rigorous exercise, no weightlifting, no yoga poses). However, full recovery will take around three months for most patients.
  • Does Upper Blepharoplasty Leave Scars?

    Minor post-surgical incisions created during surgery are usually very difficult to see. This is because the incision is well camouflaged within the natural crease of the top of the eyelid.
  • Will My Eyes Look Bigger After Upper Eyelid Surgery?

    The eyes will look bigger and brighter. Many patients feel it takes ten years off their age. If lower blepharoplasty is performed simultaneously, it can make patients look much more rested.
  • How Long Do Upper Blepharoplasty Results Last?

    The results of upper eyelid surgery can last a decade.
  • Is Upper Blepharoplasty Worth It?

    Definitely. This procedure is worth it for people who want to have a more youthful and alert appearance. Many patients who undergo functional blepharoplasty find it especially valuable, since it restores their peripheral vision and improves their quality of life.
  • Can I Get My Upper Eye Lift Reversed If I Do Not Like the Results?

    This procedure cannot be reversed. However, you can have a revision surgery to adjust the results. It is important to choose a reputable surgeon and to look at the results of their previous procedures.
  • Will My Insurance Cover Upper Eyelid Surgery?

    Insurance providers will only cover the cost of the surgery if it is being performed for functional reasons. When upper blepharoplasty is purely cosmetic, cost is out of pocket.

  • How Much Does Upper Blepharoplasty Cost?

    The exact price of upper blepharoplasty will depend on the details of the surgical plan. Cost may vary based on factors like the total time required to perform the surgery the exact techniques used, and whether other procedures are needed in conjunction with upper blepharoplasty.

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