Lacrimal Sac

Lacrimal Sac Tumors

  • rare
  • mass above medial canthal tendon
  • complaints of EpiphLacora (Epiphora, patients with epiphora complain of watery eyes; it is when there is an imabance between production and drainage of tears. Visit the Lacrimal page for more details) or chronic dacryocystitis
  • irrigation could pass to nose or blood could reflux from punctum
  • CT could show extent of mass
  • DCG could show filling defect
  • could have skin ulceration, telangiectasia, + lymph nodes
  • could originate from skin or nasal mucosal tumors
  • benign squamous papillomas most common 1o
  • squamous cell carcinoma more than adenocarcinoma most common malignant tumor


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