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People who are in search of brow and forehead rejuvenation can benefit from a brow lift at Idaho Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery. Also known as a forehead lift or browplasty, this procedure addresses wrinkles on the forehead and sagging brows. Wrinkles and sagging in these areas can create a false impression that a person is constantly angry, frustrated, or tired.

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What Causes the Brow to Droop?

When the skin of the brow and forehead sags, it is medically referred to as brow and forehead ptosis. As we age, our body produces less collagen and elastin. These proteins give our skin structure. Without them, our skin’s elasticity gradually declines. Environmental factors like the constant downward pull of gravity, sun exposure, and wind exposure also lead to ptosis. Medical factors like tumors and facial palsy can also play a role, as can natural facial asymmetry.

What Happens as a Result of a Drooping Brow?

Ptotic skin on the brow and the forehead creates vertical lines between the brows (glabellar lines) and horizontal forehead wrinkles. Additionally, it causes the eyebrows to droop and to lose definition and shape. These changes in the face can create a false impression of one’s emotional state. They also can make a person look older than they actually are.

I went to Idaho Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgery based on positive word of mouth. I received recommendations from three independent friends who told me Dr. Boerner did great work. After our initial consult, I decided to move forward with an internal brow lift along with an upper/lower eyelid lift with filler. Dr. Boerner was very approachable and I felt like he really cared. I had some concerns and called him after my surgery, he sent me a text that evening. It’s rare to have a doctor do that. He did a fabulous job and I was so impressed with the results of my surgery. I would definitely recommend this practice as I received quality care and really trusted this doctor.

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Is a Forehead Lift Right for You?

While it is best to be seen by a physician to determine candidacy, patients with forehead wrinkles and sagging eyebrows are excellent candidates for a forehead lift. The best candidates are in good overall health, have realistic expectations in terms of results, and do not smoke. To better understand your potential results, look over brow lift before and after photos in our gallery.

A healthy lifestyle and a good skincare regimen (Obagi or Epionce lines, for example) will ensure that the results of the procedure last as long as possible.

Brow-Lift Self-Evaluation Methods

One way to decide whether or not you might benefit from a brow lift is by performing a self-evaluation. This involves looking in a mirror and pressing your forehead skin upwards with your hands. Your hands should be positioned just above your brows at their edges. If this creates a noticeable positive change, a brow lift may be right for you. Additionally, it is important to look at the distance between the upper eyelid and the central brow. The distance between the upper and lower eyelids may also be a good indicator. If both of these distances are very short, a brow lift may be the ideal corrective option.

When Is the Ideal Age for Brow Lift Surgery?

While there is no “perfect” age for a forehead lift, there is a range of ages at which the procedure is typically performed. Usually, the procedure is performed for patients who are between forty and sixty-five years old. When younger patients display signs of the aging process, this procedure may still be an excellent choice for facial rejuvenation.

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After Brow/Forehead Lift

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The Brow Lift Procedure

There are a number of different techniques used to perform brow lift surgery, and the right technique for you will depend on your aesthetic needs and goals. Generally, a brow lift begins with conscious sedation with local anesthetic or simply Valium with local injections. The chosen incisions are then created. Brow lift incisions are generally created at or behind the hairline, though this is not always the case. These incisions allow the doctor to access the underlying tissues. The surgeon tightens the skin and muscle tissues, and excessive tissue is removed as needed. Finally, the incisions are closed using stitches and then dressed appropriately to help avoid infection.

The Forehead Lift Recovery Process

Once the brow lift is complete, the patient can return home to recover and heal. Bruising and swelling will be present in the operative area and can be addressed with the help of cold compresses or ice packs. Any post-surgical pain or discomfort can be addressed using pain-control medication as prescribed. Patients will need to stay home from work for a time and must avoid taking part in physically taxing activities like heavy exercise for at least four weeks. It will be vital to keep the head elevated at all times for two days in order to keep swelling minimal.

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

Because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all forehead lift procedure, the price of a forehead lift varies depending on the specific anatomy of each patient. Brow lift cost is affected by the overall time the procedure takes, the type of techniques chosen, the anesthesia chosen, and several other factors.

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