Treatment Details

Our physicians are trained in both the care of your eyes and in plastic surgery of the eyelids and upper/lower face. Dr. Boerner has used lasers to treat the eyes and face for almost 30 years and has used the CO2 laser for skin resurfacing since 1995. Treatment details are as follows:

  • Pretreatment with exfoliating agents or Retin-A may be recommended. A bleaching agent may also be prescribed if you are not fair skinned. For the ablative CO2 laser, antibiotics, antifungals, and antivirals are started the days before surgery if there is any history of acne or cold sores. Purchasing soft cotton gloves to wear while sleeping to prevent scratching is recommended.
  • Wear a front opening shirt/blouse and do not use makeup the day of surgery.
  • Local injections may be adequate for limited treatments, but IV anesthesia is recommended for full face treatments.
  • Some discomfort similar to moderate sunburn is usually experienced the first 1-2 days. The skin may feel “tight” for several days.
  • Oozing and crusting of the skin will occur the first 6-9 days, especially for the ablative CO2 laser. The skin should be covered during this time with an occlusive mixture of Vaseline and hydrocortisone cream. Cool compresses over this usually increases comfort. A period of redness begins after the first week and lasts 2-6 weeks, but occasionally longer. Specialized post-laser makeup helps disguise the redness.
  • Most patients are seen at 3 days, 1 week, 3 weeks and 6 months. Less frequently for the matrix laser.
  • Scarring is very rare but can occur with heavy treatment for deep wrinkles. Inform your physician if you form keloids. Hyperpigmentation can arise in the weeks following treatment. This is more common in dark-skinned individuals and usually resolves with bleaching agents. Some recurrence of wrinkles can occur, especially with lines of facial expressions. Hypopigmentation rarely occurs but is permanent. Dryness of the eyes and retraction of the lower lid can occur but normally resolve spontaneously.