Your Visit to Our Practice

While our surgical patients have many questions about procedures, they also want to know about what to expect during their office visits. Typically, patients will visit our Practice four times during their surgical process. We begin with consultation, followed by a pre-operative meeting, surgery day, then a post-operative examination. Each visit is detailed below.

  • CONSULTATION. This begins with you. Our front office works with you to obtain basic information and find a date/time for a medical evaluation. We will verify insurance and determine co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles before your appointment to determine whether you are in network. On the day of consultation, our medical assistants take your medical history along with detailed notes about your primary concerns. After talking with our surgeons about your surgical candidacy, we provide a cost estimate and communicate details about insurance, choices regarding anesthesia, and surgical facilities. This is a great time to ask lots of questions, and we will do our best to answer them for you! The cosmetic consultation fee is $175, subject to change, and can be applied to surgery.
  • PRE-OPERATIVE MEETING. The scheduler makes sure each patient has a positive, smooth experience from start to finish. Our surgery scheduler determines surgery dates and times with you. We will ensure insurance is contacted to pre-authorize eligible functional surgeries; cosmetic patients are expected to pay for cosmetic procedures two weeks in advance. Our surgery schedule will walk you through what medications need to be paused (such as blood thinners), handles prescription and antibiotics needs after surgery, and collects fees. After this meeting, you should have a thorough understanding of the surgical process, and what you need to do in order to have a successful outcome (such as not eating or drinking before your surgery).
  • SURGERY DAY. Your surgical day has arrived! Whether you are opting for a ptosis repair with a blepharoplasty, face/neck lift with a fat transfer, or tumor removal, our surgeons and surgical technicians are ready for you with a detailed surgical plan developed during consultation and pre op. After your surgery, our billing specialist will make sure insurance is applied before sending you a bill for functional procedures. Note: Don’t forget… It’s important to ensure someone can drive you home after your surgery.
  • POST-OPERATIVE EXAMINATION. A week after your surgery, you will come in to see one of our medical assistants, and the surgeon if needed. They will remove your sutures (if you have sutures to remove) and check on your healing process. They will answer any other questions you might have.
Your Visit to Our Practice - Plastic Surgeons
Your Visit to Our Practice - Plastic Surgeons